Amazing Blocks attends the Crypto Assets Conference 2020

We are pleased to announce that Amazing Blocks will attend the Crypto Assets Conference 2020. Here, we will join many highly selected guests per day to discuss disruptive topics like blockchain, custody, tokenization, DeFi, crypto assets and more. The diverse conference hosted by the think tank and research hub Frankfurt School Blockchain Center will be held from the 29th till the 31st of October 2020. Especially for young startups it is important to raise awareness and strengthen their ecosystems. We consider the most influential blockchain conference in Germany to be the perfect opportunity for this. Distinct networking conditions, food and beverages, interesting speeches and panels and so much more will be provided to enable a fruitful tenure. We will be present throughout the whole event with our own section. Additionally, our CEO Sofia Balogianni and CTO Raphael Hess will hold a speech on day 1 with some important updates regarding product development at Amazing Blocks. Stay tuned! — Author: Nicolas Weber

Amazing Blocks at the CAC 2020

The CAC brings together leading experts, thought leaders, founders and decision makers to jointly shape the future of blockchain, crypto assets and DLT. It is the conference’s goal to connect the traditional finance industry with technology experts from the world of blockchain and crypto assets. Therefore, the frequently declared best blockchain conference in Germany enables participants to discover the most recent developments in the rapidly changing blockchain space. The conference is in fact consisting of 3 single conferences within 3 days. Each day has more than 130 attendees enjoying the speeches, discussions, pitches and networking opportunities provided. The 3-day agenda is divided into the following subsections: Day 1 will be mainly about digital assets and securities, day 2 will be about crypto in general and custody, while day 3 addresses stablecoins and the digital Euro. One of the unique features of the CAC stems from its diverse attendance. Not only executives, IT specialists and founders participate, but also investors and representatives from public authorities. Furthermore, the innovative organizers decided to allow virtual attendance to stay ahead of the current Covid-19 crisis. This dual solution guarantees inclusion for everyone during the contemporary challenging times.

The CAC is sponsored by various prestigious organizations like Deutsche Börse Group, Commerzbank, Upvest, EY, Blocksize Capital and the german “Bankenverband” (consortium of german banks). Accredited speakers are scheduled to present their vast expertise regarding blockchain related topics. They include for instance Gustav Arentoft of MakerDAO, Dr. Martin Diehl of Deutsche Bundesbank, Thomas Nägele of NÄGELE Attorneys at Law, Dr. Harry Behrens of Daimler Mobility, Ramin Ghafari of Siemens, Dirk Siegel of Deloitte and many more. Our CEO Sofia Balogianni and CTO Raphael Hess are also going to provide their in depth knowledge regarding tokenization and the legal framework in the blockchain hub Liechtenstein. On day 1 of the conference they will collaboratively hold a keynote speech with insights on the latest developments at Amazing Blocks and tokenization in Liechtenstein. As conferences are the most effective way to promote a (newly founded) business, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center has always made sure that substantial media coverage is guaranteed. In March’s edition famous news outlets such as Handelsblatt, ARD, Cointelegraph, CNN Money, BTC Echo and many others covered the conference. Figure 1 below briefly illustrates a few of the attending organizations.

Figure 1: A selection of attendees of the CAC.

Recent milestones of Amazing Blocks

To expand our ecosystem further, we established multiple partnerships with experts in their respective divisions (e.g. lawyers, custodians). Amazing Blocks is expanding its expertise in financial regulatory matters by for example partnering with NÄGELE Attorneys at Law, one of the key law firms in Liechtenstein. With an experienced network in place, we are committed in offering the best possible services regarding the tokenization process and subsequent administration. In order to deliver on this promise, we also joined the International Tokenization Standardization Association. Now we will be a part of standardizing the thus far rather fragmented “cryptosphere” which will further accelerate mainstream adoption. Last but not least, we attended last month’s European Blockchain Convention promoting Amazing Blocks on the international stage. More on this can be read here.

Future outlook


Amazing Blocks offers a tokenization solution that enables its clients to tokenize various assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act (software-as-a-service). The software covers both the issuance of tokens and investing in tokens. It suits the needs for tokenizing all kinds of assets (e.g. machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, cars). Imagine that some asset should be tokenized. For this asset various tokens would make sense: Equity tokens, debt tokens, participation rights as tokens, ownership tokens, or any mixture of these tokens. The software of Amazing Blocks helps issuers to handle multiple assets and to issue multiple tokens for these assets. This is possible by integrating blockchain technology with the law (that is, the Liechtenstein Token Act). At the core, there is the “digital legal entity in Liechtenstein” based on “tokenized shares” which allows a very efficient foundation, a very efficient operation of the company and, thus, an efficient and flexible possibility to tokenize assets. This should now make a wide variety of tokenization projects possible, because the costs for tokenization are significantly reduced.

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Nicolas Weber works in the department of Business Development Europe at Amazing Blocks and is your direct contact for any regards. You can contact him via email or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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