Amazing Blocks collaborates with the law firm Annerton

We are pleased to announce the cooperation between Amazing Blocks and Annerton. With Annerton as one of its legal advisors, Amazing Blocks is expanding its expertise in financial regulatory matters. Amazing Blocks is committed to their mission to provide their clients with the best possible service for tokenizing assets.

The goal of our cooperation

Amazing Blocks enters a cooperation with the law firm Annerton which specializes in regulatory law. Since Amazing Blocks offers a software that supports the digital establishment of a legal entity, Annerton will also advise Amazing Blocks on legal matters — especially regarding the German jurisdiction.

Tokenization of shares with Amazing Blocks AG

Amazing Blocks AG offers a software-as-a-service that helps its clients to set up a fully digital legal entity, a Liechtenstein AG, with tokenized shares. This allows users to set up and administer a legal entity almost completely digitally and remotely. Physical meetings, travelling and notaries can be mostly avoided: The period from deciding that a client needs a legal entity until it is fully operational and travelling will be significantly reduced. Contact Amazing Blocks AG, request access to the Tokenpad software, provide some data for the future legal entity and for the future shareholders: Investing a couple of hours and subsequently initiate the token-generating process yourself. Fundraising and ESOP can be done accordingly as well with the provided software.

The law firm Annerton

Annerton is an independent law firm founded in 2020 and specializes in regulatory law in the financial sector. The lawyers advise established international groups and institutions as well as innovative start-ups from the banking, financial services and digital economy sectors at their offices in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg and Munich. Alireza Siadat who is a Partner at Annerton is very excited to work with Amazing Blocks. He believes that the cooperation will cause positive synergies for the clients, who will benefit from this partnership as both companies’ core fields align beautifully with a focus on regulatory law for startups.


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