Amazing Blocks forms partnership with Actus AG

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Amazing Blocks and Actus AG. Actus AG is one of the leading and most innovative boutique tax consultancies in Liechtenstein. They offer consultancy services in the DACHLI region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein). Their services include national and international tax advisory, cross-border tax planning, and IT services. With a specialization in tax laws, Actus serves individuals, family offices, business enterprises, private equity firms, and blockchain and FinTech companies. They are devoted to adopting new technologies and seek to remain on the cutting edge of technological advances.

About Actus AG

Actus AG is one of Liechtenstein’s leading and most innovative, independent tax firms. It has specialized in the areas of national and international consultancy. The expertise in cross-border tax planning and optimization enables clients to better adapt their business models to the ever-changing world of international tax laws. Its client-focused and forward-thinking philosophy allows it to tackles those new challenges and explore new solutions.

Among Actus’ areas of expertise is a deep understanding of FinTech and other disruptive technologies. Technical disruptions routinely create challenges for the existing legal system and its actors. Over the past years, Actus AG has accumulated competencies in these fields and is thus, able to offer the optimal solutions for its customers. Actus actively share its knowledge at conferences and seminars or in national and international professional publications.

About Amazing Blocks

Amazing Blocks is a Liechtenstein-based legal tech startup that enables the creation and management of equity tokens. Leveraging the Liechtenstein Token Act, almost any asset or company can be tokenized. This includes real estate, cars, machines, and even fine art. Flexible tokens (e.g., equity tokens or debt tokens or participation rights as tokens) represent legal rights and are treated as a security according to the Liechtenstein Token Act. Liechtenstein Law permits the foundation of entities with initial contributions in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. This makes the necessity for a bank account obsolete and enables great flexibility in the foundation process. Logically, Amazing Blocks was founded with an initial contribution in Ethereum and became the first company with completely tokenized equity. Like any other equity tokenization, it can be observed on Etherscan and grants great transparency. This showed the immense innovation potential in legal tech and established Amazing Blocks as pioneers, merging law and tech.

Amazing Blocks assists clients in all questions connected to the topic of equity tokenization and has a large network of partners familiar with the legal situation in Liechtenstein. The result is equity management with the full advantages of tokenization and the legal security of a conventional company structure.

Goals and opportunities

Through partnering with Actus AG, Amazing Blocks grows its tremendous network of partners in the legal tech sphere. Actus’ experience in cross-border tax optimization will greatly benefit international clients seeking to tokenize equity or assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act.

Through the cooperation with Amazing Blocks, Actus AG gains excellent exposure to international clients coming to Liechtenstein. This allows them to deepen their knowledge of the different legislations of the countries the clients are locating from.


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Amazing Blocks offers a tokenization solution that enables its clients to tokenize various assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act (software-as-a-service). The software covers both the issuance of tokens and investing in tokens. It suits the needs for tokenizing all kinds of assets (e.g. machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, cars). Imagine that some asset should be tokenized. For this asset various tokens would make sense: Equity tokens, debt tokens, participation rights as tokens, ownership tokens, or any mixture of these tokens. The software of Amazing Blocks helps issuers to handle multiple assets and to issue multiple tokens for these assets. This is possible by integrating blockchain technology with the law (that is, the Liechtenstein Token Act). At the core, there is the “digital legal entity in Liechtenstein” based on “tokenized shares” which allows a very efficient foundation, a very efficient operation of the company and, thus, an efficient and flexible possibility to tokenize assets. This should now make a wide variety of tokenization projects possible, because the costs for tokenization are significantly reduced.

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Digital legal entities in Liechtenstein based on true equity tokens to tokenize any asset in a standardized way to save time and money. -

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