Amazing Blocks forms partnership with DECUS Network

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Amazing Blocks and DECUS Network. Both companies have close ties to the financial hub in Frankfurt am Main and are pioneers in the crypto asset market. With the emergence of a token economy the demand for professionell and secure custody will increase. As a crypto custody provider, DECUS Network offers solutions to clients that want to position themselves in the crypto asset market. It is important for Amazing Blocks to be able to offer its clients an all-round package for the tokenization of assets. In order to cover the entire lifecycle of tokenization and especially post-tokenization custody, it was important for Amazing Blocks to include an experienced custodian in its partner network.

About DECUS Network

DECUS Network offers sophisticated solutions for decentralized custody of assets. Decus Network is focused on the custody side, but through its connection to Blocksize Capital and its trading interface Blocksize Core, DECUS Network also has professional access to over 80 exchanges. With DECUS Hub Asset managers are provided with an interface with which they can manage their clients’ assets across different wallets, exchanges and custodians. Opening new wallets, transferring funds between wallets and exchanges and rebalancing between them is made easy and safe with this DECUS Hub.To ensure smooth and standardized integration, access to a “pool” of assets is provided via a dedicated DECUS API. In the background a blockchain layer with SaaS interface enables multiple functions.

A main benefit is that with this solution one is able to trade out of custody, which increases security a lot. Furthermore clients have access to the network of custodians and pick the ones which features fit them best. Services offered by DECUS Network are based on three pillars: Security, flexibility, and speed. Only after intensive screening, selected custodians that meet the team’s requirements are included by DECUS Network. In combination with the distribution of the assets to several custodians increases the security of the managed funds. A maximum of flexibility is given as investors are not solely dependent to one single custodian and can therefore benefit from individual features from different providers. Speed is increased by closing the gap between custody and exchanges.

About Amazing Blocks

Amazing Blocks was founded in 2020 in Liechtenstein without a bank account, but with Ethereum as an initial contribution. Amazing Blocks developed a solution with which technology and the law (i.e., Liechtenstein Token Act) are seamlessly integrated. It is the perfect solution for tokenization projects (e.g., real estate, cars, machines): To be precise, this means flexible tokens (e.g., equity tokens or debt tokens or participation rights as tokens) in accordance with the Liechtenstein Token Act — which from a foreign point of view then represent, e.g., a normal (un-traded) security. We were the first to tokenize real equity of an AG in Liechtenstein leveraging our own solution, resulting in 600 Amazing Blocks tokens. They have been assigned with an ITIN by ITSA and can be seen on Etherscan here. These tokens effectively prove that the Liechtenstein model seamlessly merges tech and law. In the future, we will not only support our clients in tokenizing assets but also work with our entire network to create a true token economy. The partnership with DECUS Network is of great importance for us in order to provide our clients with the necessary tools for the digital asset market.

Goals and opportunities

With the emergence of the token economy, more and more assets will be tokenized and subsequently, the demand for crypto custodians will increase. Assets managers as well as family offices entering the crypto asset market will only do so if reliable and secure custody is provided. In order to take this development into account and to be well prepared for the future, it was important for us to be able to offer our customers excellent custody services through our network. Therefore we are very happy to have DECUS Network, one of the leading crypto custodians, on board.

“DECUS Network and related technologies are on the verge of acclaiming mainstream adoption due to the tremendous amount of advantages over traditional custodians. Yet, a lot of companies first have to establish digital legal entities through pioneers like Amazing Blocks, before we can expect a skyrocketing influx of capital. This is where this profound partnership comes to play, resulting in prospering growth for both startups, as synergies can be utilized efficiently.” — Simon Peters, managing director at DECUS Network.

It is important to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry and that is what DECUS Network has been doing since its early beginnings. In the future, we will work in close cooperation on projects with the common goal to offer our clients the best possible solutions. Overall, this partnership will be of enormous importance to further boost the development in the field of custody and digital assets. We at Amazing Blocks are looking forward to a far-reaching partnership with DECUS Network.


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Amazing Blocks offers a tokenization solution that enables its clients to tokenize various assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act (software-as-a-service). The software covers both the issuance of tokens and investing in tokens. It suits the needs for tokenizing all kinds of assets (e.g. machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, cars). Imagine that some asset should be tokenized. For this asset various tokens would make sense: Equity tokens, debt tokens, participation rights as tokens, ownership tokens, or any mixture of these tokens. The software of Amazing Blocks helps issuers to handle multiple assets and to issue multiple tokens for these assets. This is possible by integrating blockchain technology with the law (that is, the Liechtenstein Token Act). At the core, there is the “digital legal entity in Liechtenstein” based on “tokenized shares” which allows a very efficient foundation, a very efficient operation of the company and, thus, an efficient and flexible possibility to tokenize assets. This should now make a wide variety of tokenization projects possible, because the costs for tokenization are significantly reduced.

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Digital legal entities in Liechtenstein based on true equity tokens to tokenize any asset in a standardized way to save time and money. -

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