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7 min readSep 6, 2021

We are pleased to announce the cooperation between Amazing Blocks and KEY difference media, a blockchain full suite marketing agency with an impressive 15 years track record within the content marketing space and prominent blockchain player since 2013. KEY Difference Media has worked with the earliest of the gaming companies that incorporated Bitcoin as a payment option to the earliest of exchanges, token sales, NFTs and multiverses. As a 350+ experts team, KEY Difference Media offers advisory, content marketing, influencer marketing, and public relations, among many other services. This partnership adds another substantial extension to our network and is a further step towards providing our customers with the best possible all-round package when it comes to tokenizing assets of all kinds.

About KEY difference media (KDM)

Filling a crucial role in the market, KEY Difference Media is the white-label service provider behind dozens of marketing agencies for amplified content marketing. Founded in 2007, the once fledgling agency gathered momentum in 2013 to position itself as a leading marketing agency in the Blockchain & Crypto space, specializing in Token Sale marketing. Teaming up with stalwarts from the space, the multi-awarded blockchain marketing agency prides itself in providing services with the industry’s largest content syndication networks.

KEY Difference Media thinks of marketing as both science and art to successfully engage with the community and deliver results. Using strategic placements to carry out an authentic conversation with the community apparently brought desired results. By offering its clients multi-touch marketing, fundraising support and user acquisition marketing, KDM closes the gap between its clients, investors and users. The strategy is powered entirely by data and amplified by great creativity.

KEY Difference Media, together with insider information, creates high-quality content and content strategy for every project’s success. The experience of top brands together with KEY Difference Media provides a 360° analysis to help identify the maximum leverage. KEY Difference Media is closely tied with top exchanges, media, launchpads, VCs, influencers, and other key members of the crypto community — making them a complete ecosystem.

In 2013, 2020 and 2021, KDM was listed among Top 5 ICO Marketing Agencies, by numerous independent 3rd parties. The company has been featured in publications like Forbes,, NewsBTC, Yahoo Finance, The Times of India, and The Economic Times. Believing that the top focus of any marketing campaign should rather be content than bounty (and other 2017’s dead strategies), KDM gave the industry a human face.

KDM’s focused social media marketing strategy involving 65+ social brand channels increased search traffic by 546% in 30 days. Recently, KEY Difference Media’s 1876 content assets in 65+ branded channels brought about 12x oversubscription and 21.2x token growth in just 24 hours of ethbox’s token sale. At the end of the day, there’s just the audience out there. KDM focuses on quality. KDM focuses on perfection. KDM focuses on what matters.

About Amazing Blocks

Tokenization will inherit a key role in the future of Web 3.0 with billions of dollars expected to be invested in this space by 2027 according to multiple reports. Amazing Blocks supports with its IT solutions the legally compliant tokenization of equity and asset ownership in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act.

Amazing Blocks was founded in 2020 in Liechtenstein without a bank account, but with Ethereum as an initial contribution. Amazing Blocks developed a solution with which technology and the law (i.e., Liechtenstein Token Act) are seamlessly integrated. It is the perfect solution for tokenization projects (e.g., real estate, cars, machines): To be precise, this means flexible tokens (e.g., equity tokens or debt tokens or participation rights as tokens) in accordance with the Liechtenstein Token Act — which from a foreign point of view then represent, e.g., a normal (un-traded) security. We were the first to tokenize real equity of an AG in Liechtenstein leveraging our own solution, resulting in 600 Amazing Blocks tokens. They have been assigned with an ITIN by ITSA and can be seen on Etherscan here. These tokens effectively prove that the Liechtenstein model seamlessly merges tech and law. In the future, we will not only support our clients in tokenizing assets but also work with our entire network to create a true token economy.

All in all, the “digital AG in Liechtenstein’’ allows a very efficient foundation and operation of a company in Liechtenstein and thus above all an efficient and flexible tokenization. This should now make a wide variety of tokenization projects possible because the costs for tokenization are reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, equity tokens in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act can be for instance locked in DeFi protocols as collateral. This will provide much needed real-world use cases and liquidity and enables illiquid assets like real estate to participate in these innovative protocols.

Amazing Blocks is a Liechtenstein-based legal tech startup that enables the creation and management of equity tokens. Leveraging the Liechtenstein Token Act, almost any asset or company can be tokenized. This includes real estate, cars, machines, and even fine art. Flexible tokens (e.g., equity tokens or debt tokens or participation rights as tokens) represent legal rights and are treated as a security according to the Liechtenstein Token Act. Liechtenstein Law permits the foundation of entities with initial contributions in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. This makes the necessity for a bank account obsolete and enables great flexibility in the foundation process. Logically, Amazing Blocks was founded with an initial contribution in Ethereum and became the first company with completely tokenized equity. Like any other equity tokenization, it can be observed on Etherscan and grants great transparency. This showed the immense innovation potential in legal tech and established Amazing Blocks as pioneers, merging law and tech.

Amazing Blocks assists clients in all questions connected to the topic of equity tokenization and has a large network of partners familiar with the legal situation in Liechtenstein. The result is equity management with the full advantages of tokenization and the legal security of a conventional company structure.

Goals and opportunities

The cooperation between Amazing Blocks and KEY difference media enables Amazing Blocks to provide its clients with a complete and professional service on their way to establishing a digital entity of their company. Being a world-class professional in blockchain marketing, KEY Difference Media empowers Amazing Blocks with the knowledge, tools and network to boost the token sale of its clients.

KEY Difference Media believes in building brands, building ecosystems and economies of scale. KEY Difference Media focuses on building sustainable enterprises that stand tall for years to come with long-term focus. Building, not shilling is the way of KEY Difference Media.

Amazing Blocks and KEY difference media are joining efforts to provide the best infrastructure to thrive in the new era of digital finance and digitized capital markets. In the future, assets of all kinds will be issued tokenized and represented on a blockchain. Together we build the infrastructure to make the vision of a token economy reality. This partnership will enable customers of both companies to enter the market more conveniently while enjoying absolute legal certainty. The concept of a complete solution that is both simple and efficient is the goal, and together we are once again a big step closer to achieving it.


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Amazing Blocks offers a tokenization solution that enables its clients to tokenize various assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act (software-as-a-service). The software covers both the issuance of tokens and investing in tokens. It suits the needs for tokenizing all kinds of assets (e.g. machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, cars). Imagine that some asset should be tokenized. For this asset, various tokens would make sense: Equity tokens, debt tokens, participation rights as tokens, ownership tokens, or any mixture of these tokens. The software of Amazing Blocks helps issuers to handle multiple assets and to issue multiple tokens for these assets. This is possible by integrating blockchain technology with the law (that is, the Liechtenstein Token Act). At the core, there is the “digital legal entity in Liechtenstein” based on “tokenized shares” which allows a very efficient foundation, a very efficient operation of the company, and, thus, an efficient and flexible possibility to tokenize assets. This should now make a wide variety of tokenization projects possible because the costs for tokenization are significantly reduced.

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